Track Name: Anxiety
Feel my chest it's getting worse
Can you hold my hand, can you fix me
Close my eyes for me
Make me feel more human

Anxiety now I'm okay.

Pick myself off the floor, now that it's over
Sore from the toes on up; all the way to the shoulder

It's a shame
Point your finger
I'm the victim here
Captain Linger

Now I'm okay
Track Name: Any Day
I've got you wrapped around my finger
I've got you down on your knees
I could use you for pleasure
I could make you say please

Nothing I ever do can equal what you put me through, and that's all right
I could let you know; instead, I think I'll let it go
I'll be fine

When the ones you love forget to love you back, I'll be there
When all the hearts you've pushed away come to shove you back, I'll be there

And I don't know where you want me to be
And it took me forever and ever and ever and ever and ever to realize you're not the best whore
I've done better
I'd ____ myself before I'd ____ you
Any day

Cry for the ones that get through this alive
It's just a matter of time
Die, just as long as you prove it inside
God is no alibi
Track Name: Dream Girl
Her face is porcelain
Lips like the stars
We spend the night in the back of her car
She touches me with hands like ice
she seems so close but lives so far away

All I ever wanted was to be with you alone
All I ever wanted was to feel your skin
All I ever wanted was to die for you
All I ever wanted was to feel your touch again

Its not raining 'cos the clouds are full
Its raining cause you left me here
And I'm not turning grey because I'm old
Its 'cos you never met me

And all those times, I always wondered just how you felt about me; if you even cared.
And now I lie awake (just thinking)
As pointless as it all may seem
Am i just pretending, or am I really scared
Track Name: 'Ello Love
I'm never gonna be the one for you
I've got more important things I need to do
Than play your little game and try and win your heart
But you'll never get to see me fall apart

Don't you waste my time
Why dont you make up your mind

I dont want to hear it anymore
I've heard the same exact thing a million times before
Cross your heart and hope to die
Everything you know is just a lie
Track Name: Farewell
It feels so numb inside me
I can't go through with this anymore
I feel it burning inside me
I feel my legs fall to the floor
Holding on so long it makes me bleed
Just thinking about it could turn the sea red, so I lay on my back and just laugh instead
'Cos you won't live forever
This is as good as it gets

I can see your heart is crying
Consequences of the undecided
Enter at your own risk, the cards are on the table
I've never felt how great it feels to be home

Pain can hurt so many ways
Pitch black nights, and darker days

I can't wait 'til tomorrow comes my way
Is tomorrow soon enough
I can't wait for shadows of yesterday
Is tomorrow soon enough

I can't go on without you
I know you inside out
And since I've been inside you
I know without a doubt
You're the real thing

Give me your hand
I'll show you my world
Track Name: Godzilla Will Rule You
Godzilla will rule you
Somebody should've warned you, and now your city's history
It's just too bad your friends are dead
Erase this
Replace this
It's not what it used to be, and now you'll never have a place like home to rest your head.

She sits on a bench in a park at the end of town
She looks my way; I see her smile is perfect
A perfect smile, a perfect day
A perfect night beginning

Godzilla will rule you
Nobody told me how everything could never be as good as the first time
Erase this
Replace this

Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah

I don't want respect after my color's faded
Good things stop happening, and noone gets appreciated
That's all anyone wants; to feel alleviated
Rated, and hated on a scale they created
The first time, we're always exhilirated
Fabricated under-ratedness
Your fate is being graded
Hey that's great
We can fake deviation
or suffocate
or break our fuckin' legs
Either way

Our lives are just that, and we are responsible
Nobody falls asleep if the story they're reading is more interesting than a dream
So what's your story made of
It has to be good if you know that you could've done more with your life
You stare at the wall and you wait for the phone to ring
Nobody's calling at all
Track Name: I Will Kick You In The Face
I'd like to strangle you (What can I say)
Happiness makes me feel this way
Wrap my hands around your throat
It's so fun to watch you choke

Pain, pleasure, the same forever.

I will kick you in the face

How does it feel to know that one day
Life just isn't real enough
Mistake fists for friendly smiles, but you smile back
Laugh for twenty miles
It's just a flashback
Non-stop, tear you apart, just like a typhoon
Blood clots, don't be scared, it's just a flesh wound
Peel back the surface of nervousness; does it scare you
The only thing worse than what hurts is what you can't do
Track Name: Interesting
Is this just a dream, or am I still disconnected?
We took one for the team, and then we ran the wrong direction
And you should know what I'm all about
When your up for days; when your legs give out
Spare yourself the trouble
Leave your little bubble
Put your make-up on, and sing our song, and blow yourself away

Don't get lost in it
Things change
Just go with it
Refrain, or you'll end up losing what you've got
It's not a pretty thing
Not like you; your touch solves everything

Everything's fine
It just hurts inside
you don't even tell me why

Don't give up just yet
The show's beginning
Please, don't go
You look so interesting

I think I've done it this time
I think I've made up my mind
Track Name: Kill The Transmission
Kill the transmission

Your coalition, my vocation
It's a sign of the times
I die

Nobody's gonna hurt you
Some day that nobody's gonna be me
I'd give up my well-being to ensure your happiness in my sanctuary
There's nothing more, there are no sunny days
And you'll pray to God your heart explodes before I do these things to you

We were meant for sorrow
We were meant for more than this
I can't recall what you said to me the other day
Your love letter opens my wrist

Killing the transmission

Je t'aime ma chérie
Track Name: New
You sit here, on my lap
You're so lonely, just like me

You walked for days to see my face
You'll never know how I taste

I'll be with you
While you're falling
I won't miss you
You'll come crawling

My eyes are wide open
But still I can't see
My hearts not beating
And I can't breathe

Where does everybody go from here
What is this feeling inside
Who the fuck died and made you God
I'm just takin' my medication, crossin' my fingers

I'll be with you while you're falling into this invisible place I erased from my memory
Track Name: Python
All by yourself
You're all alone
No one to save you from me

Run, run for your life
Run for your skin
Run just to satisfy me

(Uh-oh uh-oh)
I can't stay away from her
(Uh-oh uh-oh)
No I can't explain why
(Uh-Oh uh-oh)
I can't stay away from her
(Uh-oh uh-oh)
Let's just be together

Can you hear me?
Can you understand me?
Can you see my point of view?
Can you stand by this?

Suffocation (look me in the eye tell me its okay to breathe)
Mastication (The python known as love is squeezing me)
I cant breathe

Looking back, I see clearly
Clear enough to know, you've sincerely feared me

No, I can't explain why
Track Name: Tonight (A Mind Is A Terrible Thing)
I can smell the flowers burning, see them lighting up the day
Maybe we could spend some time, watch the world decay
I'm so lucky you're so lovely

I will follow you, if you want me to
Through the looking glass, I'll pour tea for two
We can meet tonight. I'm not sleeping right
Always on my mind. Always outta sight

A mind is a terrible thing.
And nothing is quite as it seems.
When all of your nightmares are dreams,
and you just can't seem to control your screams.

Hey you.
Can you help me down?
I seem to have hung myself.
Can you look around for something sharp to cut this noose?
I don't want them to see me. Not like this.

Sometimes your screams make me laugh.
And I cannot control myself.
At times, things can be hard.
It gets harder every day.
This is hell. Can't you tell?
For your insides are outside. They talk about breaking your soul.
Limb by limb. Hymn by hymn. They're tearing your world apart.
Black is white. White is grey.
Grey as night. Night is day.
But it's still dark, and it will be 'til your days end.
This is hell. Can't you tell? This is hell. lol.

I will follow you, if you want me to.
Through the looking glass, I'll pour tea for two.
We can meet tonight. I'm not sleeping right.
Always on my mind. Always outta sight.